Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Requirements

Employees: Reduced Underwriting for issue for ages 30-64, full-time actively working 30+ hours per week, and employed for at least 3 consecutive months.  Consists of abbreviated health questions, height and weight consideration, Rx Database review, MIB screen, MV report. Cognitive assessment age 60+. Reduced underwriting not available for California residents. Full underwriting applies to employees age 65+ and California residents.

Spouses/Partners: Full Underwriting for spouses/partners age 30-79*.  Mutual of Omaha will request a telephone interview, Rx Database review, MIB screen and medical records from their attending physician.

Family Members:  Full underwriting for family members, including parents, adult children, siblings, in laws, and all step equivalents, age 30-79*. Family members must contact the LTC enrollment team to apply.

A Medical Information Bureau (MIB), Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) and the Prescription Drug Database (Rx) will be ordered on any Reduced Underwriting and Full Underwriting application. Additional underwriting requirements may be requested based upon the underwriting type or for cause at the underwriter’s discretion (this also includes information obtained within Reduced Underwriting that may trigger Full Underwriting). 

At time of application specific individuals may be required to complete the entire application based on individual responses, events or health history.  Underwriters may also request a face-to-face assessment or Attending Physician's Statement "for cause" based on received information.

*Age limitations may vary by state.  Minimum issue age is 30.  Contact the LTC enrollment team for additional information.