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Advantages of the Individual Long-Term Care Insurance Offering

The LifeSecure Individual Long-Term Care Insurance program offers discounted gender neutral rates. Coverage obtained on the individual marketplace will be gender rated.

As a retiree of the State of Michigan (up to age 79), you can apply for Individual Long-Term Care Insurance any time throughout the year.  Please note that you must qualify through full medical underwriting to obtain coverage.  Retirees included in the following retirement systems are eligible to apply (Defined-Contribution and Defined-Benefit): Judges Retirement System, Legislators Retirement System, Military Retirement System, State Employees Retirement System, and State Police Retirement System. 

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Family members of career employees, such as parents (in-law), grandparents (in-law) and adult children may also apply anytime through full underwriting.  Family members may obtain information on how to apply by calling the LTC Enrollment Center, (844) 235-3344.